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Techgen Media Group covers the metals fabricating industry through our family of publications, including FAB Shop Magazine Direct, Welding Productivity and Shop Floor Lasers. Combined, the magazines reach nearly 300,000 opted-in readers. These subscribers reside in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, but our coverage is not limited to subscribers. Individuals all over the world can access our content online and at any time.

The way people get the information they need has changed. Print media is losing ground to digital media. And since day one, Techgen Media has been committed to the ever-evolving world of publishing. With our combined, broad circulation and outstanding editorial content, we strive to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s metalworking executives.


Digital media offers the data that matters – opens, clicks, time spent, contact info and more. BPA audits can only say how many issues were mailed. Whether those issues were tossed in the trashcan is unknown.

Digital media is also more well-received from the next generation of industry leaders, and digital reach isn’t limited to subscribers. Magazine issues can be accessed online at anytime by anyone.


Digital publications are inherently more dynamic than their print counterparts. Online experiences are enhanced thanks to embedded videos that showcase equipment in action. Links back to company websites for further reading and research are also helpful to readers.

Digital media can be read anywhere at anytime. Back issues are archived, enabling readers to revisit past content without the hassle of stockpiling old print magazines.


The bulk of today’s marketing professionals aren’t sending their ad messages via snail mail. They’re taking advantage of online opportunities in a variety of sophisticated ways. From email marketing to social media and search engine optimization, savvy marketers know that digital tools are more effective than their outdated print counterparts.

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