About Us

Techgen Media is a digital, five-publication company with a singular focus: metalworking manufacturing. Like Techgen, our editors and sales representatives have a singular focus, as well: ensuring that our readers learn about the latest technologies and strategies to help their businesses grow.

Techgen Media was established in 2011 and came to life with the launch of our first magazine, FAB Shop Magazine Direct. After several years of positive reception, we expanded our coverage by looking at the niche markets of welding and laser operations through two new publications: Shop Floor Lasers and Welding Productivity, which launched in 2014 and 2015, respectively. During the two years that followed, we expanded again, adding Sawing Productivity in 2016 and Modern Abrasives and Deburring in 2017.

Working on a purely digital platform, the Techgen Media team is able to provide our advertisers with insight not available through print editions. Online publishing is quickly becoming the medium of choice for some of the world’s biggest outlets, and the general population’s preferences are following suit. Overall, the goal at Techgen Media is to stay ahead of the curve, be it with the topics we cover or the medium in which we cover them.

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