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Techgen Media Group covers the metals fabricating industry through our family of publications, including FAB Shop Magazine Direct, Welding Productivity and Shop Floor Lasers. Combined, the magazines reach nearly 300,000 opted-in readers. These subscribers reside in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, but our coverage is not limited to subscribers. Individuals all over the world can access our content online and at any time.

Digital insight

Because we are a digital publishing house, advertisers are afforded information about how their ads perform, which is not possible for advertisements placed in publications that are strictly print based. In addition to information on ad performance, advertisers can also receive the personal email addresses of those readers who click on videos, ads and hyperlinks.

Leads generated from Techgen’s online analytics are of the highest quality and allow advertisers’ expenditures to now be calculated as a true and accurate ROI. In an increasingly competitive world, the marketplace demands this type of deep insight. Clearly, the benefits of advertising on a digital platform are becoming more and more valuable everyday.

Proven results

With average open rates of 13 percent and click-through rates of 8 percent, advertisers have the opportunity to get in front of Techgen’s large subscription base every time we reach out to our subscribers. Beyond the coverage granted through Techgen’s family of publications, we also offer individualized email campaigns that allow advertisers to send targeted messages to our subscriber base. Participating companies have experienced great results with some seeing open rates of 16 percent and click-through rates as high as 20 percent.

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